This week, the topic was Weebly. It is a site that you can create a website easily. We can add text, photos, and videos easily (by dropping). You can freely sign up. You can choose theme and a title for your site after sign up.



It is a site that you can create audio files and then if you want you can upload them to digital music or multimedia players.

Then we mentioned National Republic Radio (NAR). With the help of this site you can teach and learn English, but all of the conversations are in target language.

The last one is audiaboo.fm. You can record your voice. But it is not free for more than 3 minutes.


Today our topic was digital storytelling for young learners. Thanks to the digital storytelling , we can prepare our own story for our students.

There is some websitesfor create story. Also, some sites  have lots of digital story in it. One of them is http://www.storynory.com/. You can download stories and change them on the moviemaker.

http://www.storyjumper.com/ is a site which you can create your own story. But, if you want to download it, it is not free

Then we mentioned about http://www.dfilm.com/ . It is very enjoyable you can create your own film and send as e-mail.


This week our topics were; Edmodo, Prezi and Nicenet. Till this course I have nothing to about Nicenet.

Nicenet is working like Edmodo, but it is more primitive than Edmodo. There is no picture in it. It is full of text. Thanks to this feature it is very fast. It allows both student and teacher entry.


In Edmodo, we can prepare quizzes for our students easily. We can grade them.


Then we talked about Prezi. It is a site which you can prepare attractive presentations. It is more impressive than PowerPoint. It has a negative feature that if you want to change something in your presentation, you should arrange it on the web.



This week we’ve learned to prepare exam items on the web.Thanks to the hot potatoes. You can download it from the website http://www.hotpot.uvic.ca  if you want to use it. It is free!

There are some parts in it. In the part of quiz you can select 4 questions type and create your own quize. In the part of Jmix you can preparing reordering statements. In the part of  jcross, with the help of this you can create a crossword puzzle easily. Never forget to write clues. In the part of jmatch, you can prepare vocabulary matching easily. And you can add all your files to the The Masher.Image                              Image

Technology is at every turn

The lesson started to teaching wiki and

www.pbworks.com. Pbworks allows us to work with lots of people. We can use this with our students for create something all together in the future.

Then we watched a video about Wiki. We learned from this video how to edit in Wiki and prepare something on Wiki.

We continued with the settings part of the pbworks. We learned all setting relating to it.

Then, we learned to share videos in our pages thanks to the “embed code”. There is an embed code all videos in YouTube. We can copy and paste it to share on our pages. It has just one negative feature. Only one person can write at a time. It means, if we have 50 students, they’ll wait each other. It takes much time.

After all of these, we learned docs.google.com. We created a multiple chat platform named with CALL 2014.

We have learned too many things in this lesson. All of them are important. They all are enjoyable.